Ranco Low Pressure Control



O Series Pressure Controls

The Ranco® O Series Single Low Pressure Controls offer a variety of pressure ranges and switch action to provide maximum application flexibility.

Features and Benefits

  • Controls available for most refrigerant types
  • High-amp rated switch (SPST) design (O10-1402/O10-1483)
  • Super Cap® capillary vibration protection system
  • Non-conductive front cover with captive screw
  • Adjustable differential and range
  • Easy-to-read scale plate
  • Vibration cone (absorbs and reduces vibration away from brazed joint)
  • Low mass copper alloy capillary tube (reduces capillary stress caused by equipment vibration)


The O16-624 control has additional features:

  • Compatible with refrigerants 134A, 401A, 401B, 402A, 402B, 403A, 403B and 404A
  • Originally designed for use with obsolete refrigerants R12, R22, R500 and R502


Technical Specs/Installation Data



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