Some Words About Us

EVERWELL PARTS, Inc. is always searching for new ways to benefit our clients. We work hard to reach that goal by strengthening the following:

Ever since we began operating in 2010, we managed to build our path to success becoming one of the leading companies in the HVAC/R industry. We will continue growing our exceptional standards providing the best products and service to our customers

It’s our pleasure to serve you and make you a part of our distinguished clientele.


Our goal is to help you simplify the way you work. This new website is our largest and most comprehensive offering to the HVAC/R distributor and, to help you consolidate your purchasing from one source, we’ve included many products and categories in our catalog.


During 2014, we started a process of renovation refreshing our logo and standardizing all of our product’s packaging by creating a modernized presentation to uniquely identify our products.


Last year, we also reached higher global standards having our products certified by AHRI, UL and ETL. Our goal is to be granted more prestigious certifications in the future adding value to our products. To improve our customer service, we implemented a new shipment system, which allowed us to manage more efficiently customer’s orders. One important aspect of this improvement has been the result integrating a FTZ (Foreign Trade Zone) in our warehouse. Visit for more information.

Cooperate with Us!

We always want to hear our clients, if you have some questions or suggestions please write to

Why you should buy from us?

We are constantly working on developing a wide variety of equipments and parts for Air Conditioning and Refrigeration and maintaining the demands and level of quality required by the International Market.

Our prices are very competitive thanks to what we have been able to achieve through negotiations with our manufacturers.

Customers satisfaction is the key to our organization, we strive to serve in a timely manner and constantly evaluating our services in order to meet our customers demands.

We can help you growing your business, complete this form with your business information, include the required documents and send it to You can qualify to obtain credit for your company .