Refrigeration Compressors Tecumseh


Tecumseh Products Company is recognized for bringing an extra dimension in product innovation, customer confidence and product quality to air conditioners and refrigeration industries. As a result of our innovative spirit and performance, people rely on our products every day.


  • All compressors with individual packaging
  • Wide operation range with good voltage adaptability
  • Low noise and vibration.

Test Conditions (ASHRAE):

  • Condensing Temp: 54.4 ºC
  • Evaporating Temp.: LBP: -23.3 ºC, MBP: -6.7 ºC and HBP: 7.2 ºC


Tecumseh refrigeration compressors are not available for sale to customers located in the USA. They are available only for sales to clients located in Venezuela, Central America and Caribbean islands.



Tecumseh Refrigeration Compressors