Ranco Lube Oil Pressure Control



P30 Series Lube Oil Controls

The Ranco® P30 Series Lube Oil Protection Controls guard pressure-lubricated refrigeration compressors against major damage due to loss of oil pressure. This control utilizes the built-in P30 Time Delay Switch to start timing when oil pressure drops below operating requirements. The timer is designed not only to track oil pressure recovery within a set period, but also to alert the control circuit to open and stop the compressor when the recovery period is exceeded. These controls also feature replaceable time delay modules, Super Cap® capillary protection system and front-located captive cover screw.

Features and Benefits

  • Alarm circuit standard
  • Ambient temperature compensated
  • Super Cap® capillary protection system
  • High impact, non-conductive cover
  • Field replaceable switch module
  • Manual reset
  • Industry standard circuitry and terminal identification






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