Ranco Low Temperature Control



O Series Temperature Controls

The Ranco® Wide Range O Series Temperature Controls provide a wide selection of controls customized to allow users exact adjustments within manufacturers’ limits. The Ranco O Series features heavy-duty plated steel frames, non-conductive covers with front-located captive cover screws, raised screw terminals for fully accessible wiring, and large easy-to-read scales. Recognizing the need for flexibility in design of refrigeration equipment, these controls offer a wide selection for such products as self-contained refrigerators, freezers, coolers, walk-in units, and refrigeration display cases.

Features and Benefits

  • Maximum adjustment accuracy with 7 revolution range adjustment screws
  • NEMA 1 enclosure with non-conductive cover
  • Universal mounting and compact design
  • Laser-welded bellows for extended life
  • Wide range adjustable differential


The O60 Series have these additional features:

  • 10 times setting sensitivity of most other wide range controls (O60 series only)
  • Gas-filled, non position-sensitive bulb (O60 series only)





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