Laser Infrared Thermometer

Part No. WH380

Use this unit to measure the temperature of: Heating and air conditioners, hot engine parts, hot water pipes, cooking surface, electrical connections, hot tubes and insulation, electric motors, etc.


  • Resolution: 0.1°C or 0.1°F
  • Repeatability: 1% of reading or 1°C
  • Response time: 500ms, 95% response
  • Spectral response: 8~14µm
  • Emissivity: 0.95 default
  • Distance to spot size: 12:1
  • Operating temperature: 0~40°C (32~104°F)
  • Operating humidity: 10~95%Rh
  • Storage temperature: -20~60°C (-4~140°F)
  • Power: 9V 6F22 battery
  • Weight: 147.5 g
  • Dimension: 165x110x50mm

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