Inverter – Daizuki 16 SEER






  • AHRI and ETL Certified
  • From 9000Btu to 30000Btu
  • Auto-Restart: The AC can automatically memorize the operation setting when power is cut off accidently. It can return to previous setting when power is on
  • Anti-Cold-Air( Heat Pump Only): When starting the heating operation, the indoor fan automatically runs from the lowest speed to the preset level. This function can prevent cold air blowing out at the beginning of the operation, which avoids the discomfort to the user
  • iFeel: A temperature sensor in built in the remote control. When you stay close to the remote control, the unit will automatically choose the operation mode to achieve accurate and comfortable temperature control, just like the air conditioner is following you
  • Self- Cleaning: When this function is activated , firstly the indoor unit operates in cooling mode with low fan speed, during this period the condensed water will take dust in evaporator fins away. After that the units turns to heating operation with low fan speed, which drys the inside of indoor unit. Finally it turns to fan-only mode and blows away the rest wet air. The whole process keep the internal side of the indoor unit dry and prevents the breeding of bacteria
  • Anti-Fungus Function: When the AC is turned off from cooling or dehumidifying mode, the indoor fan motor will keep running at a low speed for 3 minutes to dry the AC so as to proof fungus on the evaporators
    To active this function, you just need to press the “Anti-Fungus” button when the AC is turned off
  • Deep Sleep System: Enjoy comfortable and high -quality sleep, breaking one-way temperature control of traditional sleep mode, helping enter and extend the deep sleeping time, which makes customers enjoy comfortable and high quality sleep
  • Fire- Proof Electric Box: electric box sealed by metal casing could prevent fire in case of short-circuit


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