Flexible Bend-to-Fit Defrost Heaters

For Evaporator coils and condensate drain pans in commercial refrigeration


  • Bend and shape easily with hands at job site
  • To replace a coil heater, measure the old heater length and bend our heater to match the configuration of the old heater and install
  • The encapsulated ends on the heaters are water resistant, but should not be submerged in water
  • Quickly replace almost any defrost heater
  • Measure length of original and order a similar length
  • The heaters are 0,250 incolloy which is comparable to alloy 334




Flexible Bend-to-Fit Defrost Heaters


Sometimes more than 1 heater is needed to handle a replacement. In that situation, remember the following:

  • Two heaters of equal wattage. Connect in series at rated voltage. This will generate 1/2 the wattage of 1 heater. For example, 2 ea 500W heaters, 230V connected in series to 230V = 250 watts total
  • Two 115V heaters with equal wattage connected in series to 230V power will generate their total wattage. For example, 2 ea 300W, 115V heaters connected in series = 600W total output
  • Two heaters with equal voltage connected in parallel (at rated voltage) will produce the total of their wattages. For example, 1 ea 500W heater and 1 ea 300W heater, both 115V wired in parallel = 800W total