Dryer Filter Shells

The pipe is completely protected after the installation of molded filter dry fragment in SPL shell. To obtain the filtration of big capacity suction pipe, replaceable filter cores can be installed inside. Another feature of the suction pipe is that adopts filter dry fragment to clear up the compressor when it was burned.


  • Durable steel prolongs the life of the equipment
  • Safe operating pressure: T-for liquid pipe use 3.5Mpa/500Psig., SV-for aspirating tube use 3.1Mpa/450Psig.
  • Very little pressure loss when full flow
  • High corrosion resistance of surface
  • Various sizes of joints
  • Simplified internal parts make the installation convenient
  • Solid copper connections
  • Max. working pressure: 3.5 Mpa/500 psig



Dryer Filter Shells - Figure1

Dryer Filter Shells