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Refri Americas 2016 in Panama

Everwell Parts will be in the 2016 edition of this event that the accumulated experience is projected as one of the most important in the region in what has to do with the air conditioning and refrigeration.

Precisely in this process of consolidation and with a view to providing greater comfort and new options for 2016 attendees, the event after moving to Panama in 2015, will be staged in 2016 Atlapa Convention Center, 2 and 3 June.

Expo RefriAméricas 2016 will:

  • Couple of days academic programming in which it shall,
  • Visits to plants in the meat, poultry, dairy and beverage industries,
  • Forum with key players in the refrigeration industry in the region,
  • Two days keynote lectures.
  • Trade Shows and Business Roundtable where companies will bring more recognition in the market.

We hope this edition, as has happened with previous, meets their expectations.

To register at this event and know more about the seminars and congress click here:

Checking the energy efficiency in your A/C Mini Split System

The cost of electricity and the need of reduce its demand, make neccesary the use of energy efficient equipments.

Not all  what you see printed on the box or label of  an air conditioner label is true. Therefore, we invite you to be informed on the website of AHRI®, before making a decision.

The following link is for the Institute of Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration of the United States, an agency competent to certify the efficiency of air conditioning equipment that is provided to residential and commercial buildings. The best possible way to secure a high quality system would be to speak with a representative of the institute.

We invite you to check our Inverters, the MG Series , and certifies the efficiency offered. To do  this , type MG in the box to Indoor Unit Model Number and then click Search.

2016 AHR EXPO Orlando, Florida

We went to the AHR Expo 2016 and on behalf of the entire team of Everwell Parts we want to thanks all the professionals who visited us for having come to know more about our products at the AHR EXPO 2016 in Orlando , Florida. We hope  keep in touch with them and bring  the assistance needed to grow their business

Everwell’s Capacitors are Certified by UL.

Our High Quality capacitors has the UL Mark. Take a look at our wide variety of capacitors models and order them in boxes of 50 units to receive a special price and obtain the best products at the right price.
When Should You Replace Roof Shingles? It is a question that only the best Prime Roofing specialists can answer: “it can be changed every 6 or 12 months, depending on the area and the type of climate there is,” they explain. In truth, the ideal is to give it maintenance every 6 months, but you should check it constantly and if you see something strange you should call the specialists.

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